Ryan Preece
Driver Profile
Sponsor: Hunt Brothers Pizza
Car: Ford #15
Team: Rick Ware Racing
Crew Chief: Jason Houghtaling
Race Information
Race Name: NASCAR Cup Series Championship
Date, Time: 11/6/2022, 3:00:00 PM EST
Race Number: #36 of 36 races in the 2022 season
Track Name: Phoenix International Raceway
Race Distance: 312 miles, 312 laps

Key performance trends for Ryan Preece are listed below. All angles listed in the table apply to this race. If a driver has performed well in a certain trend, it will be denoted in green text. A list of past results for Ryan Preece in this race are displayed below the performance trends table.
Ryan Preece performance trends - 2022 season.
 QualifyingRace Results
 RacesNumAvg.PolesFinishS/F WinsTop 5Top 10LedPointsDNFs
all races2219.5031.0-11.50000.001
at Phoenix International Raceway000.000.00.0000000
at track type - FLAT SHORT TRACK000.000.00.0000000
over the past 3 races000.000.00.0000000
over the past 5 races000.000.00.0000000
over the past 10 races000.000.00.0000000
in November races000.000.00.0000000
in races run at slightly below average speeds000.000.00.0000000

Ryan Preece performance trends - Over the past two seasons.
 QualifyingRace Results
 RacesNumAvg.PolesFinishS/F WinsTop 5Top 10LedPointsDNFs
all races383823.8023.20.60140.314.512
at track type - FLAT SHORT TRACK7722.7027.7-5.00000.09.32
in races run at slightly below average speeds3323.7022.71.00000.014.30
at Phoenix International Raceway2223.0023.00.00000.014.00
in November races1131.0020.011.00000.017.00

Ryan Preece performance trends - Career Totals
 QualifyingRace Results
 RacesNumAvg.PolesFinishS/F WinsTop 5Top 10LedPointsDNFs
all races11511525.3224.11.20290.213.729
at track type - FLAT SHORT TRACK232325.1026.3-1.20000.011.75
in races run at slightly below average speeds111127.0026.01.00000.012.52
in November races101031.9030.01.90000.010.12
at Phoenix International Raceway7725.3027.9-2.60000.010.12

Ryan Preece past performance in the NASCAR Cup Series Championship
 QualifyingRace Result
DateRace NameTrackPosSpeedFinishStatusLapsPointsEarnings
11/7/2021Phoenix Raceway 500Phoenix International Raceway31133.72520Running31217$0
11/8/2020Phoenix Raceway 500Phoenix International Raceway24 34Running2993$0
11/10/2019Can-Am 500(k)Phoenix International Raceway25136.72626Running30711$0
11/15/2015Quicken Loans 500(k)Phoenix International Raceway41135.48637Running2147$75,666

Ryan Preece's current season results and season-to-date statistics are listed below. Note: If the driver failed to qualify for a race the finish field in the logs table will be left blank.
Ryan Preece - recent results
 QualifyingRace Result
DateRace NameTrackPosSpeedFinishStatusLapsPointsEarnings
5/29/2022Coca-Cola 600Charlotte Motor Speedway26179.15837DVP16 $0
5/1/2022DuraMAX Drydene 400Dover International Speedway13159.15125Running398 $0
11/7/2021Phoenix Raceway 500Phoenix International Raceway31133.72520Running31217$0
10/31/2021XFINITY 500Martinsville Speedway26 36Brakes4141$0

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