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Sample Football Schedule And Game Results Table
DALLAS - Season Results
  Team Stats Opp Stats
Date Opponent Score SU Line ATS Tot. O/U Rushing Passing TO Rushing Passing TO
9/11/2005 @ SAN DIEGO 28-24 W 4.5 W 40 O 33-109 18-24-192 1 26-103 18-35-188 2
9/19/2005 WASHINGTON 13-14 L -5.5 L 35.5 U 29-90 21-36-261 0 25-104 20-34-242 2
9/25/2005 @ SAN FRANCISCO 34-31 W -6.5 L 40.5 O 32-95 24-38-348 3 25-124 21-34-269 3
10/2/2005 @ OAKLAND                        
10/9/2005 PHILADELPHIA                        
10/16/2005 NY GIANTS                        
10/23/2005 @ SEATTLE                        
10/30/2005 ARIZONA                        

OAKLAND - Season Results
  Team Stats Opp Stats
Date Opponent Score SU Line ATS Tot. O/U Rushing Passing TO Rushing Passing TO
9/8/2005 @ NEW ENGLAND 20-30 L 7.5 L 48.5 O 22-92 18-40-259 1 31-73 24-38-306 0
9/18/2005 KANSAS CITY 17-23 L 1 L 54 U 19-71 21-35-256 2 36-125 18-28-229 1
9/25/2005 @ PHILADELPHIA 20-23 L 8.5 W 47 U 22-21 24-42-344 0 18-83 30-52-365 2
10/2/2005 DALLAS                        
10/16/2005 SAN DIEGO                        
10/23/2005 BUFFALO                        
10/30/2005 @ TENNESSEE                        


Each teamís most recent results and upcoming schedules are displayed. For each team and game, the line, total, game score and statistics, along with the results versus the spread, straight up and against the total are displayed. This section is a quick reference for determining if teams are on a hot or cold streak, and how their upcoming schedule looks. Each of these factors can also add a varied level of motivation to a team for an upcoming game.

How do I use this?

When looking at a team's recent performance, the key is to identify good and bad streaks at the right time. The key word here is at the right time. Not all streaks or performance patterns are the same. However, there are key things to look out for. Some examples are listed below:

  • Teams playing several road games in a row, a good indicator that they may be tired.
  • Teams on a long ATS winning streak. This could be a sign of a team underrated by the oddsmakers.
  • Teams on a long ATS losing streak. This could be the sign of an overrated team.
  • Look for letdown situations. Was the team off an emotional win or a heartbreaking loss?
  • Similarly, keep aware of possible look-ahead situations. Does this team play their biggest rival next game?
  • Examine the recent game statistics for signs that the team may be performing at a very high or low level.

Of course there are many other possible ways to utilize the schedule or game results. Overall the key is to use the information to guage how a given team might be expected to perform in the current game.


Q: What do the abbreviations mean?

A: Please see the chart below of a description of all fields in the schedule and results table:
  • Date - Date the game was played.
  • Opponent - Team's opponent in the game
  • Score - The final score of the game with the team's score listed first.
  • SU - Indicates whether this team won the game straight up.
  • Line - The closing line posted in the game.
  • ATS - Indicates whether this team covered the spread in the game.
  • Tot. - The closing total posted in the game.
  • O/U - Indicates whether the total score went over or under the closing total.
  • Rushing - Number of rushes attempted and rushing yards gained or allowed (for defensive/opp stats).
  • Passing - Number of passes completed, attempted, and passing yards gained or allowed (for defensive/opp stats).
  • TO - Total turnovers committed or forced (for defensive/opp stats).

Q: Why do I only see a few recent and upcoming games in the table?

A: This is done for space considerations. As is the case with many other FoxSheet sections, simply click on the View Expanded Details link below the section to view a complete season schedule.

Q: What does the star character (*) mean next to a team's name?

A: The star character denotes a neutral field game.


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