What services are included in a premium subscription to the FoxSheets?
A: In addition to all the features of the standard FoxSheet service, Premium members receive FoxSheets tailored for the more exotic wagers; halftime lines, teasers, and money lines. These unique reports are provided for every game throughout the season for NFL, NCAA football, Major League Baseball, NBA, and NCAA basketball. In addition, Premium Subscribers have access to a unique library of time saving Power Searches. (For more details, see the next FAQ below.) Finally, one of the other extremely valuable features of the Premium membership is the Archive, where members can get access to historical FoxSheets and all the data within since 2/21/2021. This is truly a revolutionary product in the industry. For more details on the premium service, view our feature comparison page at

What are Power Searches?
A: The Power Searches give customers the opportunity to view the top FoxSheets' information in a quick and easy format. Members can view or print the top situations, trends, simulation scores and more on a single page. These views also provide users quick one-click access to the respective game's FoxSheet. This feature is included as part of the Premium Subscription. For more details, visit

Q: How often does StatFox update report information?
A: In general, there are three daily update times to account for line changes, late pitching changes, etc. The times are 8:45 am CST, 12:45 pm CST, and 8:45 pm CST. For baseball, basketball, and hockey, reports for the next day's games are first published on the previous day's evening update. Football reports for the upcoming week will be posted by 8:45 am on Monday mornings.

Q: How can I get help or comment on StatFox services?
A: First all members are encouraged to browse the extensive Member Help Area for tips and strategies, along with detailed descriptions of all the key FoxSheet sections. StatFox hopes that all of its members obtain the highest level of benefit from our service. Therefore, we encourage all subscribers to ask for help whenever they need it or offer up a suggestion regarding a new handicapping angle to analyze. Our staff is always available to answer your questions. Please use any of the following methods:

Q: If I subscribe, do I have access to stats on all current sports being played or for just one sport. For example, if I sign up for 3 months for the end of NBA do I also get baseball stats?
A: Yes. Any FoxSheets level subscriber gets access to all of the action that is going on at that particular time. You might just bet football, but just think, there may be stronger information available for that night’s college basketball board. We want our subscribers to have access to the best information in all sports.

Q: I saw handicapper [Insert Name Here] using your information to help market his picks? Are you guys aware of this?
A: Yes we are aware of it. There is an old saying that 'imitation is the more sincere form of flattery' and I guess that applies here. The best part of it is, as a FoxSheet member, you do not have to pay the $50/pick to have access to that expert information. You have access to the exact same information they do with your FoxSheets subscription! In effect, the FoxSheets make you an expert!

Q: Do you have a “Fox Sheets for Dummies” Manual?
A: There is no such manual available, nor does there need to be, as there are thousands of different ways to successfully utilize the FoxSheets. One member may do something entirely different from the next. One member may look for only 85% or better money line Super Situations, where another consistently rides the top rated Matchup Power Trends. The best way to attack the FoxSheets as a beginner is to recognize that each section on the FoxSheet is its own unique method for handicapping a game. See which of those you personally believe in the most and then become more familiar with how they read on a daily basis. The Archive can help with this. As a default setting, StatFox has set the FoxSheets up to display with the most proprietary analysis laid out in order, starting with the Super Situations. Over time, you will become more adept at picking out the key concepts. When you do, you will be an overall better sports investor for it.

Q: Your stats are almost mind numbing, is there such thing as too much information?
A: Information overload seems to only be a problem for our brand new users. Once they are exposed to the FoxSheets for a week or two, they become more and more comfortable with them, and they are able to quickly pull out the critical information for each game.

Q: Are there any plans in the works for additional information or changes to the FoxSheets?
A: Since its inception, and the FoxSheets have undergone constant change. Football coverage was the only thing offered at startup, but now we provide full coverage of pro and college basketball, Major League Baseball, NHL, NASCAR, and Arena Football. We’ve also added premium service for nearly all of our sports. Rest assured though, we have a development team that is consistently looking into new developments as well as how to tweak the current FoxSheets to make them more valuable. Furthermore, we take your suggestions seriously, so never feel shy about voicing an opinion or suggestion about anything regarding StatFox

Q: Is there any way to go back and look at the day or month before Foxsheets?
A: The FoxSheets Archive is the answer to all of your concerns. Premium FoxSheets members have access to every FoxSheet posted since 2/21/2021. These contain not only final scores and lines, but all of the key stats, trends, and situational analysis that applied heading into each contest,

Q: Do you have an online class or other class-like environment where a sports investor can learn the importance of trends, fading, situational analysis etc?
A: StatFox has explored the options on online tutorials and in-person seminars for sharing the FoxSheets strategies to sports investing. If this is something that would interest you, please contact us by the various means to express your interest.

Q: Do you offer a free trial period?
A: As far as a trial period to the FoxSheets is concerned, we don't offer that, but we do offer a free FoxSheet for each sport weekly. You can find the links on the home page or here is a direct link to the last free NFL FoxSheet:

Q: If I can’t find a particular stat or trend on the FoxSheets, is there any other place I can get information?
A: FoxSheets’ parent website,, has undergone a drastic transformation over the past few years. Part of that has included a vast upgrade to the free data displayed there. For each of the various sports we cover, StatFox offers team reports with numerous situational records and stats, sortable stats tables, as well as other great statistical and editorial features. We’d be very surprised if there is a statistical need that we can satisfy at either on the FoxSheets or

Q: Is there any way I could get past game lines and results from StatFox?
A: There are a couple of different ways that readers can access data from past years in the sports we cover. At, we offer team reports in the various sports that can be filtered by year and team. In this case, you can view the game logs for the most recent games or an entire season. The other way to obtain past data is to access the Archive as a Premium Member of the FoxSheets. Besides game lines and results, you will also get access to the teams’ stats heading into a particular game, as well as all the relevant trends, game simulations, and situations that were applicable to that contest.

Q: Will a raw data feed for colleges be made available at some point?
A: At this point, the nature of the FoxSheet service is to take the information gathering work out of the equation for the self-handicapper, giving them more time to actually study the games. Our strength is in data interpretation, and though some handicappers may request something that we don’t track ourselves, it’s a good bet that we cover 95% of the information requests we receive in either our Power Trends or Super Situations. Therefore, we don’t sell or distribute raw data feeds.

Q: I was wondering if you could tell me a little more about the Playtracker on FoxSheets. Do you keep a tally for the week, month &/or year? Can a player access this info to analyze his/her plays?
A: Regarding the FoxSheets Playtracker, any plays you put into the system go into our consensus. It is just another tool to help you handicap the games. We personally don't track anyone specific's bets. The info is there for you to go back and analyze for your own handicapping needs. There are filters on the system for you to analyze it however you see fit. You can input your plays for any units you wish, then go back later and do all sorts of wonderful filters and sorts to them. Only you can log in and see your past plays. Perhaps you are strong at picking college football totals but haven’t played them because you don’t realize your success. The Playtracker can help you sort out your strengths and weaknesses as a sports bettor.

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