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Understanding the FoxSheets is the single most important factor in your success. Being able to interpret them is essential. Many StatFox members have stated that there is simply too much information. Our response is that most people just aren’t used to having this much data available to them. In general, most self-handicappers have grown accustomed to using more simplistic, traditional methods of analyzing games. The handicapping models presented on each FoxSheet have been historically successful, and by exploring these new methods, you too will be laying the groundwork for success. The staff at StatFox knows first hand. We've been utilizing these strategies for over a decade!

Where to Start?
It is important to realize that using the FoxSheets is by no means a methodical process. Handicapping a game and selecting a winner can hinge on many factors including team stats, trends, systems, your 'gut feeling', etc. Each FoxSheet contains up to ten different handicapping models. Most members, over time, have developed their own unique styles for utilizing the information. Many find success with one particular model, while others may do so using one model in conjunction with another, etc. We advise everyone to begin by weighing the importance of each model equally. For example, many first time users make the mistake of relying too heavily on the StatFox Game Simulator™. A large number of websites and pick services make a living by solely providing this type of analysis. In contrast, the StatFox Game Simulator is a single piece of a much larger puzzle. Moreover, while the formula used for simulating each game is historically proven, its results do vary. Realistically, we can't expect to find any particular service or computer program that will accurately predict the outcomes of all games. If the Game Simulator could correctly project the score 75% of the time, we'd all be sitting on an island sipping umbrella drinks.

Let's take a closer look at the different FoxSheet handicapping models:

StatFox Super Situations™ uncover conditions and patterns where teams have consistently outperformed or underperformed their normal levels relative to the money line or spread. These systems are tabulated for ALL teams in the league and are not team specific. The idea is that teams fall into patterns regardless of personnel. Over time, these performance patterns tend to repeat themselves.

StatFox Game Simulator™ provides score estimates based on a large sample of computer-simulated games between the teams involved. The percentages are derived from recent statistical averages, strength of schedule, and home court advantage. Where an estimated score differs significantly from the current line or total, the edge is indicated.

StatFox PowerLine™ is a team strength rating system based on recent game results. The section should be used to compare the relative strength of the two teams involved against the spread line.

StatFox Power Trends™ attempt to uncover certain situations where a team outperforms or underperforms their normal level of play. Unlike the Super Situation analysis section above, all trend records listed apply to the team in question. Only trends which apply to the current game and possess exceptionally good or bad ATS records are displayed. StatFox is unique in that we provide both common and sophisticated trend analysis.

Advanced Team Statistics are shown for each team in a variety of important game categories. Where a team has performed poorly is denoted in red; and performed well is denoted in green. Also note that the home team's home and overall stats are shown.

Recent Game Results and Schedules are displayed for both teams for every game including; lines, totals, scores, results versus the spread, straight up and against the total. The tables are designed to easily to recognize patterns and streaks.

Head-to-Head History summarizes the ATS and straight up results in recent head-to-head matchups between the respective teams. When one team has achieved a great deal of success against the opponent, an edge is indicated.

StatFox Line Tracker™ is a unique feature which displays similar past opening lines and totals in relation to the current games. If a home or visiting team has achieved relative success against the line, an edge is indicated. Similarly, if a higher ratio of past games went either over or under the total, an edge against the total is indicated.

StatFox Money Tracker™ analyzes the money being wagered on each side of the line. In general, oddsmakers move a line because of one-sided public betting action. They also move the line in reaction to 'wise guy's' selections. The Money Tracker is a gauge which attempts to uncover whether the 'wise guys' and public have a read on a given team.

Key Injuries and Game Information detail all personnel injuries or other situations which may have an affect on a game.


StatFox advises you to analyze each FoxSheet for all of its merits, and be willing to expand your methods of handicapping. Put the time in to track the game results against each of the models and against your own selections, and see which methods prove best for you. Before long, you'll start recognizing your own successful interpretations.

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